Nock Co. Sapelo

—Penvelope Pen Addict Edition 2017—

Trust me when I say, I do not need another notebook cover. Looking at my desk right now I believe I have almost a dozen. Needless to say, I rarely have the desire for another notebook cover. Yet for some strange reason the Sapelo kept catching my eyes. It’s affordable (only $30), colors are great, but the thing I liked the most was the pen/pencil “pocket”.

This is my first purchase from Nock Co. and it does not disappoint. Being a long time (but occasional) listener of the The Pen Addict, I know Brad and his gang make some nice covers. Yet I held off for a long time as I prefer leather covers the best. Well Brad, you finally won me over with this one.

The Sapelo “Penvelope” was a very limited Kickstarter to raise funds for the annual Pen Addict podcast recording in Atlanta and D.C. I completely missed this Kickstarter and was unaware of the Sapelo until I started seeing pictures of it popping up on social media. The steel grey is one of my favorite colors Nock Co. uses and I like the bright orange pop on the inside.

I can easily hold three pocket notebooks and several pens/pencils in this thing. I threw in the two notebooks I am currently using and there is plenty of room for more. What is nice is that I can fit some slightly larger notebooks that won’t fit in my FieldNotes cases (I’m talking about your Write Notepads!)

I played around with what writing tools to bring along and decided on a couple of my favorites. Twist Bullet Pencil, Baron Fig Squire, and a Lamy Pico.

I’m really looking forward to carrying this around with me for awhile and seeing how it holds up.

If you are interested, you can purchase one here. I would recommend you hurry as this is a very limited run.


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