Golden Sword Hi-Class Pencil

A Facebook friend (Karen) in the Erasable Podcast Group was kind enough to pick up some Daiso exclusive pencils and send them my way for review. Daiso is referred to as the “Japanese dollar store” and is located primarily on the West coast in the US. Sadly they are far away from me, so it was a special treat that Karen was willing to pick some up and send them my way.

I wish I could provide more information about these pencils but very little can be found online. The packaging is also sparse with info (at least in English).

The description is to the point:

  1. pencil with eraser 4pcs set.
  2. made in Japan.
  3. material: wood, graphite, clay.

Nevertheless, I love natural pencils and these look very nice. Nothing fancy, descriptive information imprinted on the pencil, and a nice eraser stuck on with a copper-ish colored ferrule.

I find these to write true to a typical B and 2B Japanese core. Nice centered cores and they sharpen very nicely. My only complaint is the eraser. As you can see in the picture below they do not do a great job erasing. Better than a lot of cheap pencils but they still leave a lot of graphite on the page and smear a bit. But remember these are “dollar store” pencils. A four pack only costs $1.50. I think for the price they are great! And I will soon turn these into a “Hackwing” by replacing them with a better Blackwing eraser.

If anyone knows where these can be purchased online, please leave a comment. Daiso does not sell these pencils on their website and I have not found another source for them yet.

Thanks again Karen!

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