Baron Fig – Unfinish

Limited Edition Confidant

Designed in collaboration with designer Khoi Vinh.

Front Pamphlet

Back Pamphlet

Unfinished Pages

What is your preferred style of notebook ruling: blank, ruled, dot-grid??? Well Baron Fig once again finds a way to add some fun. How about an interactive notebook with unfinished pictures on each page. Each page has a small unfinished picture. Creative artist will love this. I see this as a daily drawing prompt journal. Sadly my stick figures need a lot of practice but the idea is really neat. These unfinished pictures inside not only match the cover but are non reproducing. This means you can photocopy the page and the original picture will not show up and function just like a blank notebook.

Here are a few pics of some of my favorites…

But this brings me to my personal dislike of blank notebooks. I’m just not a fan. I use my notebooks to write in and without some sort of ruling my writing start looking like the Askew edition. Haha.

There is a somewhat easy fix for this though. A quick google search for guide sheets will provide you printable templates to place behind your page and provide your with whatever ruling style you prefer. Ana over at WellAppointedDesk has some templates ready for you to print and use if needed. But this edition wouldn’t really work in anything other than blank so it makes sense.

Non-Repro Blue

Let’s talk about the cover. Wow! I love this light blue with matching ribbon. I’ve always enjoyed Baron Fig’s charcoal and light gray standard covers but their limited edition covers have been amazing. I’ve been really impressed with the colors they have picked for every single edition so far.

So while I’m not a fan of blank notebooks, I’m actually excited to use this one. I’ll probably even have fun trying to draw on some of these pictures.

Here is an example of how various pencils and pens handle the paper. I also took a picture of the back page to show how certain inks show or bleed through. I think Baron Fig has fantastic paper. There is very little show through with anything I throw at it besides the Sharpie and Copic Marker. I frequently do not use these for writing but added them as I know others enjoy them.

Writing Test

Writing Test back.jpg


Head on over to Baron Fig’s website and buy one here. You really should go read the interesting interview with co-designer Khoi Vinh. If you’re a dork like me and want to learn even more, then you can’t miss the interview the Baron Fig team did with him over at Eureka.

DISCLAIMER: Baron Fig sent this notebook to me, at no charge, for me to review.

2 thoughts on “Baron Fig – Unfinish

    1. Happy to add that for you. Give me a few minutes and I’ll upload and add those photos for you. Unlike other notebook companies, Baron Fig does not (to my knowledge) change its paper quality. But for those unfamiliar with Baron Fig that is a great thing to add. Thanks for the suggestion.

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