Baron Fig School Set

A few weeks ago Baron Fig released their Back to School set and I was thrilled. I ordered right away but due to the busyness of life and being sick for a few days I wasn’t able to get anything posted to the blog. Today I have a few minutes to share a few thoughts…

First things first, THIS IS FANTASTIC!

While the Vanguard softcover notebooks and Archer No. 2 pencils can be purchased separately, I think they are a perfect pair. The composition notebooks come in three different cover colors (white, yellow, and green). The colors looks great and as Baron Fig always does, I love the nice added details. Great lined paper with generous spacing inside as well (which is one of my favorite rulings).

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

While I skipped the last two pencil releases from Baron Fig, these were a great pair. I absolutely love how Baron Fig does the packaging on their pencil releases. They have some sort of beautiful design wizard magic. A dozen pencils fit perfectly inside and look even better. The Archer pencils are extremely light weight (yes, even for a pencil) and the Number 2 is a great take on the traditional yellow pencil.

I personally prefer a darker core and would say these are close to a standard HB. I would love to see Baron Fig change up the core in different pencil releases but I’m sure that is a difficult thing to manufacture. A previous released edition seemed to have some core issues but the pencil I sharpened up and tested was great. Nice sharp point and good retention.

While I love using pencils, it takes me awhile to use them up so I don’t think I will be picking up any more BUT I do see another pack (or three) of these composition notebooks finding their way into my shopping cart very soon.

Another great limited release from Baron Fig!


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