Baron Fig Guardian

I LOVE leather covers!!! So much in fact that I held off using Baron Fig notebooks because they are a slightly unique dimension that don’t perfectly match standard notebook sizes. Because of this they didn’t fit perfectly into any of my leather notebook covers. When I say I like notebook covers, I’m note joking… I think this new Guardian pushes me over a dozen different ones (mostly smaller Field Note sized). I consider my A5 Gfeller Cover the best notebook covers I have ever used and I was disappointed that the Baron Fig Confidant was just slightly too small to fit in well.

Well Baron Fig, who is determined to slowly take over every product in my office, released their own leather cover… THE GUARDIAN.

These were originally released a year ago in two colors (Deep Blue and Light Brown). Due to my love of leather covers, I was frequently tempted to try them but for some reason, I always decided not too. Well something recently changed that. NEW COLORS!!! Baron Fig has just released their leather covers in four new colors.

Fig Wine, Blue Slate, Yellowgold, and Charcoal. I typically go for natural un-dyed leathers as I love to see the color age naturally with use. But something about the new Slate Blue just looked amazing.

Baron Fig does an excellent job in packaging their products. I personally love the boxes they usually included with their products. A nice sturdy box not only looks nice but protects the notebooks, or in this case the cover, from any damage while shipping.

The color of the Blue Slate matches the website colors really well. It is a very muted gray blue. I think it looks fantastic! The Confidant takes a bit of effort to slide in the first time but once inserted, it is a perfect fit. I couldn’t find any loose stitching on this either. The Guardian is a very well manufactured cover.

When Baron Fig first released their Guardian I was a little skeptical if their covers would be worth the price. At $79 they are pricey and enter into the price range of my beloved Gfeller cases. Having one in my hand, I can now say they are top notch. If I only had to choose one I think I would stick with my Gfeller but that is probably only because I’ve been using them for several years and love how they now look and feel. I’m sure the Guardian will become just as nice after some use and just might become my new favorite.

Another final thought… as much as I love leather covers and think the Guardian is a fantastic well made cover, it is almost a shame to put a cover on Baron Fig’s beautifully designed notebooks. The Confidants are a tough notebook and can take a beating. All of the limited released Confidants look great and I want to show them off. Yet I’m conflicted as I love how the Blue Slate cover looks as well. It’s going to be a difficult choice but right now I’ve decided to keep the cover on!

If you are anything like me and have been on the fence about purchasing the Guardian, I say go for it. The new color options are great and this really is a well crafted cover.

Baron Fig has provide me with a referral link where you can save $10 off purchases of $20 or more. Buy a Guardian or stock up on other Baron Fig goodies.

Baron Fig was kind enough to send me this Guardian free of charge for my review.


2 thoughts on “Baron Fig Guardian

  1. My only problem is figuring out which color to choose. Love the paper in the Confidant and I love leather covers as well. Something about the smell and the way they age and end up looking like they hold information far more important than my simple words is just so fantastic. Enjoyed the review and the photos are great eye candy.


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