Baron Fig Guardian

I LOVE leather covers!!! So much in fact that I held off using Baron Fig notebooks because they are a slightly unique dimension that don’t perfectly match standard notebook sizes. Because of this they didn’t fit perfectly into any of my leather notebook covers. When I say I like notebook covers, I’m note joking… I […]

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Baron Fig School Set

A few weeks ago Baron Fig released their Back to School set and I was thrilled. I ordered right away but due to the busyness of life and being sick for a few days I wasn’t able to get anything posted to the blog. Today I have a few minutes to share a few thoughts… […]

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Shorthand Pencil Pouch

A few quick thoughts on my Shorthand Pencil Pouch. I purchased this pencil case a few months ago from one of my favorite online stores, CW Pencils. I have had a lot of time to use it and I still think it is fantastic. Made from a cute striped denim 8.5 x 2 x 1.75 inches […]

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Blackwing Vol 1

I don’t remember exactly when I first discovered Palomino Blackwing pencils but it wasn’t too long after that these fun limited edition subscriptions came out. I have purchased a box (or several boxes) of every edition beside Volume 203. I believe at the time I had way to many Blackwings and decided to skip it. […]

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Baron Fig – Unfinish

Limited Edition Confidant Designed in collaboration with designer Khoi Vinh. Front Pamphlet Back Pamphlet Unfinished Pages What is your preferred style of notebook ruling: blank, ruled, dot-grid??? Well Baron Fig once again finds a way to add some fun. How about an interactive notebook with unfinished pictures on each page. Each page has a small […]

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Golden Sword Hi-Class Pencil

A Facebook friend (Karen) in the Erasable Podcast Group was kind enough to pick up some Daiso exclusive pencils and send them my way for review. Daiso is referred to as the “Japanese dollar store” and is located primarily on the West coast in the US. Sadly they are far away from me, so it […]

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Nock Co. Sapelo

—Penvelope Pen Addict Edition 2017— Trust me when I say, I do not need another notebook cover. Looking at my desk right now I believe I have almost a dozen. Needless to say, I rarely have the desire for another notebook cover. Yet for some strange reason the Sapelo kept catching my eyes. It’s affordable […]

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Field Notes Dime Novel Edition

Quick thoughts on the brand new release… I still have mixed feelings on the different dimensions. This edition is a brand new size 4 1/4” x 6 1/2”. Overall the size is very nice and still easily portable. My gripe is that I enjoy putting my smaller notebooks in a leather case. I have purchased […]

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Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood

How expensive is too expensive for a pencil? Many people look at me like a lunatic when I tell them that one of my favorite pencils cost over $4. In the grand scheme of things, $4 isn’t much. It sure is a lot cheaper than almost all entry level fountain pens. Even most drug-store pens […]

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